Stagetracker II - Tracking for Audio, Video & Lighting

Superior RF Technology

Unique Narrow-Beamsteering

The RadioEye™ sensor uses Read more unique patented algorithms for narrow-beamsteering. The narrow beams are automatically steered in the direction of the person to be tracked. The advantage of having narrow antenna beams is to suppress unwanted reflections. 60 antennas with individual amplifiers operating inside every RadioEye™ sensor!

Works in all Settings
  • No direct line of sight needed Read more
  • Brightly lit stage
  • Blackout stage
  • Direct sunlight
  • Dense smoke
  • Laser shows
  • Temperatures between -20 ℃ and 50 ℃

Easy Workflow

Few Units

Forget rigging a lot of sensors... Read more around the stage. We have put the complexity inside the RadioEye™ sensor instead - so that you only need 2 or 3 RadioEyes for a complete stage. With 4 points marked up on the stage floor, it takes typically 10 min to get the system calibrated, using any of the Stagetracker II transmitters (Tags).

Touring Friendly

The RadioEye™ sensor is water... Read more and dust resistant (IP67). All parts are shock proof - to be suitable for a life on the road. The RadioEyes™ are quick to rig, fitted with half couplers for standard truss mount.

Partner Integrations

Integration Partners - Audio, Video & Lighting

Integrated with the major... Read more immersive sound solutions, media servers and lighting desks. A tested and verified plugin is ready to go for every partner integration. Track audio, video and lighting at the same time! No fiddling with OSC protocols or port numbers!

Verified by Thousands of Successful Shows

All around the world... Read more Stagetracker has been used on thousands of successful shows. The original ground-breaking Stagetracker system was first developed in 2004 and revolutionized the theater sound experience when released in 2006.

Verified integrations

How it works

We do also support other OSC and TCP/IP formats. Do you want integrations for anything that's not mentioned above? Just contact us!