The d&b approved Stagetracker II plugin for DS100 gives you the possibility to combine the best from two worlds with only one easy keystroke.

Theme park

TTA together with La 8° Note made immersive sound for one of Europe’s largest theme parks. In this project the tender was specified with d&b’s DS100 soundscape.

LA 8E NOTE is happy and proud to have found a reliable and accurate technical solution in the tracking for sound, which is TTA who followed us in our musical project in a famous European and global target theme park.

– Quentin La 8° Note Audio Management

The stage is a multi-storey stage with complex scenery and was solved with adding an extra RadioEye to get extended range. The Stagetracker II system is in daily use in the theme park and the show started in June 2019.

Stagetracker II is not only RF-based, we have developed our highly advanced algorithms over a decade. Made it pro to calculate noise from scenery and other effects efficiently so it has the ability to be used during whole shows. Light and smoke are no issues for RF-tracking.

For this show the costumer sewed hidden pockets inside the costumes to hide the RF-tags so they are completely invisible. The show requires tracking for 16 actors.

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