Xinhua Newsboy – Beijing Tiangiao Art Center

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Xinhua Newsboy premiered at Beijing Tiangiao Art Center on the evening of April 30. The show was a huge success.

The musical Xinhua Newsboy and the movie Newsboy are both based on the same historical event, in which Xinhua Daily revealed the truth about the “Southern Anhui Incident” in 1941. Both the musical and the movie performed a new interpretation of the story.

“The Xinhua Newsboy musical had a very complex stage layout, with lots of sceneries and large stage props. These large backgrounds and props could potentially disturb the wireless communication, resulting in loss of tracking of the performers – but the Stagetracker II solved this challenge of signal block and the coverage effortlesly.”

Terry Chan, Guangzhou Muse Technology

The Xinhua Newsboy musical has dozens of characters in its enitre repertoire. Starring the siblings Jiang Yang and Jiang Yu, newspaper editor-in-chief Qiao Shining, reporter Zhou Ya, newspaper boy Jiuer, his brother Pingtou, Little Glasses, noodle shop owner Mian Niang and many more. Paired with a Soundscape system from d&b audiotechnik, this show was a truly immersive experience with sound localization throughout the entire performance. This was also d&b audiotechnik’s first show with Soundscape in China. You can read more about it at ProAVL Asia’s webpage.