We did it again! An amazing combination of Stagetracker II tracking and Yamaha AFC-4 room acoustics turns even an average conference room in to a great cathedral experience.

Tracking RC-cars with Stagetraker II and ArtNet plugin

Tracking RC-cars with Stagetraker II and ArtNet plugin

Audio tracking symphony orchestra with Yamaha AFC-4 plugin

Tracking symphony orchestra with Stagetracker II and Yamaha AFC-4 plugin

Yamaha SDC Prague

TTA has a partnership with Yamaha, and Stagetracker II fits AFC-4 like a glove. Stagetracker II’s dedicated Yamaha-plugin connects the two systems together and you are ready to go.

Our customers got interested immediately and would see acoustical positioning of principals as a further development of their immersive sound.

Martin Mayer – CEO, Mister Master

On Yamaha’s System Designers Conference (SDC 2019) in Prague we had two different setups on display. 

Stagetracker II tracking acoustical instruments and flying chickens

The Prague Music String Quartet was demonstrating the benefits of acoustic room enhancement using Yamaha’s AFC4 active field control system.
One of the demos was with the first violin playing on an electric, mute violin. Being equipped with a Stagetracker II transmitter (Tag), the violinist could freely move through the room, and the sound from the violin was amplified and tracked accordingly. Goosebumps!

The session also included a flying chicken, stuffed with a Stagetracker II Tag. Thrown through the air, you could hear it clucking while flying above the audience members!

Stagetracker II Arena Systems

We demonstrated our arena solutions in the O2 arena in Prague.
The demo involved Yamaha AFC4 audio localisation of RC race cars. The cars were followed by their engine sounds while driving around. At the same time, Stagetracker fed ArtNet output to control moving heads, and the RC cars were lit up with different colors.

Some prediction was needed to be applied in Stagetracker II for the ArtNet control. This because there is some latency in the DMX signals, and also due to the moving heads actual motor movements. Prediction can easily be added in Stagetracker II for this purpose.

Read more about SDC2019 in Prague here on Yamaha’s own page

See a short video of how the light follows the cars.

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