Royal Danish Theatre, Denmark

Part of the scenery are two huge, hydraulic controlled horses. With the RF technology in Stagetracker II, we are able to track smoothly around them on all sides, even with no direct line of sight to the Stagetracker II sensors A total of 9 actors are tracked on stage at the same time in the …

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Theme park, France

Theme park TTA together with La 8° Note made immersive sound for one of Europe’s largest theme parks. In this project the tender was specified with d&b’s DS100 soundscape. LA 8E NOTE is happy and proud to have found a reliable and accurate technical solution in the tracking for sound, which is TTA who followed us in …

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Russelsheim Theatre, Germany

Audio tracking with d&b DS100 Soundscape. Tracking of lighting with PSN and GrandMA. See video from the event below. Russelsheim Theater Our German key dealer, Freiraum, produced this show in Rüsselsheim Theatre. Stagetracker II was heavily in use, feeding both audio and lighting systems with realtime positions. This by combining Stagetracker II with d&b’s DS100 …

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Yamaha SDC Prague, Czech Republic

Tracking RC-cars with Stagetraker II and ArtNet plugin Tracking symphony orchestra with Stagetracker II and Yamaha AFC-4 plugin Yamaha SDC Prague TTA has a partnership with Yamaha, and Stagetracker II fits AFC-4 like a glove. Stagetracker II’s dedicated Yamaha-plugin connects the two systems together and you are ready to go. Our customers got interested immediately …

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InfoComm Orlando, USA

Tracking of electric violin when she was walking around in the room. See video below. There were lot’s of metal in the construction, but that’s no obstacle for Stagetracker II’s algorithms InfoComm Orlando “That was awesome!“ Great atmosphere and smiling faces when Yamaha presented the new AFC-4 (Active Field Control) system – together with Stagetracker …

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Théâtre National de Chaillot, France

Sound designer Marc-Piera and artist Séverine-Krouch View from the stage of Théâtre National de Chaillot Théâtre National de Chaillot Paris Stagetracker II together with Amadeus Hollophonix makes Immersive sound real and Chaillot Theatre is one out of many places you can experience it. The Théâtre National de Chaillot is located in the Palais de Chaillot …

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